Insect Inspired Neuromorphic Computing

For those interested in the incorporation of the architectures and computational principles studied in insect neural networks into hardware this discussion group offers an opportunity to share what model systems people are working with and are interested in. Some examples would be the elementary motion computation network studied in Drosophila and Mushroom Body network of the Honeybee.

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Day Time Location
Fri, 27.04.2018 15:00 - 16:00 Terrace


Thomas Dalgaty


Olivier Bertrand
Thomas Dalgaty
Evripidis Gkanias
Álvaro González
Afshin Khalili
Jamie Knight
Brent Komer
Dongchen Liang
James O'Keeffe
Fredrik Sandin
Michael Schmuker
Korbinian Schreiber
Borys Wrobel
Yexin Yan
Bojian Yin
Guido Zarrella