Pizza in Alghero

For Pizza lovers!
Hotel dei Pini is one of the best Locations in Alghero with good quality food BUT they do not make Pizza's.
We will go to Alghero down town on Monday evening to enjoy a good Pizza or some typical Sardinian food.
The transfer will leave at 6:30 pm from the Hotel so that we can enjoy an apero somewhere and then head to the Restaurant.
The transfer heading back to the Hotel will leave at 10:00/10:30 pm from the Restaurant.
Please subscribe before Monday 11am.

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Day Time Location
Mon, 30.04.2018 18:30 - 22:00 Alghero


Sergio Solinas


Alessandro Aimar
Stefano Ambrogio
Sebastian Billaudelle
Karla Burelo
Gregory Cohen
Matthew Cook
Erika Covi
Benjamin Cramer
Laurent Dardelet
Elisa Donati
Lukas Everding
Jakub Fil
Evripidis Gkanias
Álvaro González
Germain Haessig
Massimiliano Iacono
Christian Jarvers
Afshin Khalili
Jamie Knight
Brent Komer
Raphaela Kreiser
Christian David Márton
James O'Keeffe
Melika Payvand
Alpha Renner
Yulia Sandamirskaya
Korbinian Schreiber
Sergio Solinas
Michiel Van Dyck
Annika Weisse