Tiny brains

This discussion group is about making a collection of very small SNN circuits that can be run on neuromorphic prototype chips with very limited resources. If you are aware of networks in insects / sea snails / worms or if you can construct just a nice Braitenberg vehicle, let's sit down, discuss these ideas and collect them.

Neuromorphic prototype chips are often very limited in their resources. I.e., the BrainScaleS-2 protoytpe chips contain only 32 neurons and 1024 synapses. It can also be combined with a small robotic platform with some external analog computing units. It would be nice have a collection of neural circuits that can be emulated on the this setup.

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Day Time Location
Thu, 26.04.2018 19:00 - 20:00 Panorama
Tue, 01.05.2018 11:00 - 12:00 Panorama


Korbinian Schreiber


chama bensmail
Olivier Bertrand
Jakub Fil
Charlotte Frenkel
Christos Giotis
Evripidis Gkanias
Álvaro González
Afshin Khalili
aamir khan
Jamie Knight
Brent Komer
Emre Neftci
James O'Keeffe
Fredrik Sandin
Michael Schmuker
Korbinian Schreiber
Borys Wrobel