Tools for Hardware and Software Communication (YARP/ROS)

In robotics we have several tools for quickly connecting hardware and software modules that can be running on different computers, and in different languages. Using such a tool could reduce the amount of time required to engineer the communications between different modules that people have individually built, and then want to have working together at workshops like Caopcaccia. I'll explain how YARP works and its benefits and limitations for the neuromorphic community. For example 1 person brings a sensor that he can read from his laptop with c++ code, 1 person brings a spiking model that runs on a python simulator and 1 person brings an small robot base that can move around. With YARP/ROS you should be able to have each of the respective modules running on the 3 different computers and have each of them talk to each other and form a full system as long as they are all connected on the same local TCP/UDP network.

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Day Time Location
Tue, 01.05.2018 11:00 - 12:00 Disco


Arren Glover
Massimiliano Iacono


Elisa Donati
Arren Glover
Raphaela Kreiser
Moritz Milde
Nicoletta Risi
Yannik Stradmann
Juan Camilo Vasquez Tieck
Benjamin Ward-Cherrier