Hands-on GeNN tutorial

GeNN is a GPU enhanced Spiking Neuronal Network simulation library based on NVIDIA CUDA technology. It can be used directly from C++ or via Brian 2 and PyNN interfaces.

We have a couple of robots with onboard GPUs with us at Capocaccia and GeNN can be used to control these, run models on your own laptop or act as a useful platform for prototyping models before deploying them to neuromorphic systems. In this hands on tutorial, we'll help users get started using the latest version of GeNN and help them start developing their own models. Please see the wiki for links, downloads etc.

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Day Time Location
Tue, 23.04.2019 15:00 - 15:30 Lecture room


Jamie Knight
Thomas Nowotny


Karla Burelo
Matthew Cook
Álvaro González
Daniel Gutierrez-Galan
Giacomo Indiveri
Laura Kriener
Alexander Kugele
Dylan Muir
Alpha Renner