Introduction to using the open-source HDL verilog code of ODIN

ODIN is an online-learning digital spiking neuromorphic processor designed and prototyped in 28-nm FDSOI CMOS at Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain).
It consists of a single 256-neuron 64k-synapse crossbar neurosynaptic core with the following key features:
- synapses embed spike-dependent synaptic plasticity (SDSP)-based online learning,
- neurons can phenomenologically reproduce the 20 Izhikevich behaviors.
The ODIN verilog HDL source code has recently been open-sourced at (also contains the documentation and the associated paper).
You can modify and embed ODIN in your projects, either for simulation, FPGA implementation or silicon prototyping: support will be provided to embed ODIN into your own projects.

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