OpenNAS tutorial: a Neuromorphic Auditory Sensor HDL code generator

OpenNAS is an open source VHDL-based Neuromorphic Auditory Sensor (NAS) code generator capable of automatically generate the necessary files to create a NAS-VHDL project for FPGA. OpenNAS guides designers with a friendly interface that allows configuring the NAS using a five-steps wizard for later code generation. It includes several audio input interfaces (AC'97 audio codec, I2S ADC and PDM microphones), different processing architectures (cascade and parallel), and a set of neuromorphic output interfaces (parallel AER, Spinnaker). After NAS generation, designers have everything prepared for building and synthesizing the VHDL project for a target FPGA.

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Day Time Location
Thu, 02.05.2019 14:30 - 15:00 LAB


Daniel Gutierrez-Galan