Work Groups

Neuromorphic Cognitive Robots

In this group, we will put together neuromorphic hardware (ROLLS, DYNAPxxx, DAVIS, and Loihi), robots (miniature vehicles Pushbots and Omnibot and a stereo pan-tilt unit), and neuronal architectures to work on a number of high-level "cognitive" problems: neuromorphic SLAM, sequence learning, learning sensorimotor mappings, active stereo vision, and long term ...

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Neuromorphic tactile/vibration processing

In this workgroup, we would like to explore/apply time-based computation for/to tactile processing.
We intend to develop a prototype of event-based vibration measurements units and use it to transform any surface into a tactile surface.

Sound propagation, and more specifically time-of-arrival difference of a pulse will allow us ...

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CortexControl crash course - an easier way to use Dynapse

In this workgroup we will present CortexControl, a software that offers a python console and a GUI to use the Dynapse.
We will show how to:
* set up a network like reservoir
* stimulate a network using the fpga spike gen
* use the poisson spike gen
* receive events
* use RPyC
* train ...

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Discussion Groups

Neuromorphic Computing Technology: Reflections and Roadmaping

In the Coordination and Support Action project NEUROTECH ( we aim to support and develop the neuromorphic-computing-technology community in Europe. As part of this support and development, first, we would like to help the community to create an “image”, determining what NCT is, what research fields it embraces ...

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Recreational Groups


The Capo Caccia rock does not only offer a beautiful sight, but also an amazing spot to do rope climbing.
So please bring your gear (shoes, harness, rope & other material), so we can enjoy some hours climbing right next to the ocean. More details will follow :)

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