Issues faced with Published datasets

In this workgroup, we will discuss some of the problems and issues we face while working with published datasets in general. Most of the times, we end up using these datasets for our work without realizing that there might be some problems hidden in the dataset. Sometimes, our work proves to be completely useless because of these problems. We will start our discussion from the issues we have faced with publicly available electronic nose (gas sensor) datasets. We will then do a brainstorming session about different issues which exist with datasets from other domains like vision, audition etc. and with datasets like EMG. We will then discuss whether these issues have ever been investigated and brought into picture in the past. This discussion will help us to realize that publicly available datasets should not be trusted at first glance and sanity checks on datasets are immensely important.

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Day Time Location
Thu, 05.05.2022 21:00 - 22:00 Hotel lobby


Shavika Rastogi


Giulia D'angelo
Rebecca Miko
Shavika Rastogi