Learning, causal reasoning, creativity

What does it mean for an agent to be creative? And is creativity a precondition for causal reasoning and learning, or rather a strategy that agents follow to reach general intelligence?

This group has been created with the aim of starting an open and interdisciplinary discussion on how the answers that we give to these and related questions can facilitate advancements in research on human-like artificial intelligence.

This group is for you, if you:
- Enjoy putting forward provocative ideas.
- Are not afraid of critically questioning ideas presented by others and by yourself.
- Enjoy debating on the definition of basic concepts that are used by different disciplines engaging in AI research.

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Day Time Location
Tue, 10.05.2022 16:00 - 17:00 Terrace (outside of the lobby)


Rodrigo Laje
Caterina Moruzzi


Rodrigo Laje