Plugging into real world behaviour

Can we explain real-world behavior? Our laboratory captures discrete real-world behavioral events on the smartphone, and some of these records are accumulated in conjunction with invasive and non-invasive neural recordings. The behavioral logs - spanning multiple years - reveal (novel) structures underlying real-world human behavior (in health and disease). Furthermore, the neural recordings are paving the way to address the neural processes underlying the outputs. These developments may offer fresh avenues to develop brain-computer interfaces and perhaps inspire artificially designed agents to mimic realistic behavioral outputs instead of mimicking what is typically captured in the highly constrained laboratory. Come join us in thinking about how the study of real-world behavior can mutually benefit from neuromorphic engineering.

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Day Time Location
Wed, 11.05.2022 15:00 - 16:00 Sala Panorama


Enea Ceolini
Arko Ghosh


Caterina Moruzzi