Routing information through oscillations

Future neuromorphic systems will integrate multiple sub-systems where information should flow through different sub-systems in a context-dependent manner. In this project we will try to create such routing by using an hypothesis from neuroscience called communication-through-coherence. We will use it for iplement it in dynapse (other hardware is welcome too).
- Create an oscillatory EI network (simulation then chip)
- Test the connections so that the network can have a "down" state and an "oscillation" state
- Create two networks and couple them.
- Find coupling strengths so that the networks oscillate in synchrony.
- Generate a 3-networks network where only 2 oscillate in synchrony.
- Send inputs to one network to slightly change the phase.
- Measure the change in phase from the coupled network
We can do a few extensions once this is done (to be discussed in the meetings)

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