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Welcome & Introduction

Important information about the organization of the workshop and the workshop in general are provided.

In this session we will make a round of introduction of the participants. Everyone is asked to state their name, their affiliation and a 6 word scientific postioning statement explaining the topic they care the ...

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Introductory tutorial 1
Introductory tutorial 2
Introductory tutorial 3
Control & Error Prediction 1
Project presentations 1

Each work group will be allowed 1 slide to present their latest results and/or ideas of their project.

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Defining goals 1
Navigation 1
Classification & Clustering 1
Classification & Clustering 2
Long-term memory & plasticity 1
Inference & Noise 1
Working Memory 1
Distributed & Cooperative Decision Making 1
Project presentations 2

Participants will be allowed 1 slide and have time (max 4 minutes) to present their results from the 2 weeks projects.

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Control & Error Prediction 2

We will go to the disco in groups and make a human shift register to go from demo booth to demo booth

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Final demos

We will create groups and go to the lab where each work group will have a small space to set up their demos. We will take inspiration of a shift register and go with our groups from booth to booth.

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Defining goals 2
Navigation 2
Long-term memory & plasticity 2
Inference & Noise 2
Working Memory 2
Distributed & Cooperative Decision Making 2

Work Groups

Deep Blue: Event-based vision sensors underwater

This project represents a proof of concept that event-based vision sensors are suited for underwater observation with the potential of real-world underwater observation of sea-life, object identification in shallow and deep water and environmental monitoring.

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Discussion Groups

Recreation Groups

Sports Break

Lets play football, volley ball, go for a swim or just enjoy the sun at the beach.

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We will go for rope climbing next to the beautiful Capo Caccia rock. So bring your gear so that we can also share gear with people who don't have it themselves.

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Social Events


Consider the day ahead

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Coffee Break

Let's step outside enjoy the fresh air and the sun to clear our minds before dive back into a heated debate.

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Happy Hour

we've been waiting since breakfast...

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Ahhhh... some delicious food!
Grab a bottle of wine and let's discuss further...

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Workshop Dinner

We will organize buses and go out for a fancy, traditional food. More information will follow

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Lets clean up the disco and set up our famous workshop party. We will organize, beer, a selection of cocktails and a powerful speaker until the night guard come knocking at the door again :D

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to test testing

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