The CapoCaccia Workshops toward Neuromorphic Intelligence

Terms and Conditions

Respect for Intellectual Property

The Workshop promotes an environment of open description, discussion and demonstration of ideas, designs, etc. Many of these will be unpublished, work in progress, etc, and possibly of great academic and industrial / commercial value. In attending this workshop you must undertake to recognize and honor the sources of this Intellectual Property (IP), and treat them with the respect and confidentiality that you expect others to bring also to your contributions. If you have any doubts about your rights to pursue the IP of others, or any doubts about correct professional behavior in this regard, please discuss these issues with any of the organizers. By default, it is assumed that you understand the ethics of IP, and that by attending this workshop you bind yourself to correct proessional behavior in regard to IP.

Covid-19 requirements:

Any occurence of Covid at the workshop may seriously affect its operation and completion. Therefore the organizers require careful and responsible actions from workshop particpants in regard to Covid infection.

In addition to providing the document required to comply with the Italian entry regulations, the organizers strongly recommend that you confirm by rapid covid test that you are covid negative before traveling to the workshop. This test will help prevent  you from the unfortunate outcome of being positive on arrival at the workshop, and so having to go directly into quarantine.

On arrival at the hotel, all participants must take a quick Covid self-test, to confirm their negativitiy before being admitted to the workshop program.  Covid test packages be provided by the organizers at the hotel check-in.. Covid positive persons must immediately enter quarantine at the hotel.

Expenses due to Covid (such as quarantine, and extended stay) will not be covered by the workshop organizers or the hotel.

Application Process:

Prospective participants must provide their contact information,  select their preferred  accommodation, and  complete this application questionnaire that will be used by the program committee to select those candidates who best fulfill the needs of this year’s workshop goals.  

The application deadline is 19-Feb-2023. 

Preference will be given to students who will stay the entire time, and share a room with another student.

Registration Fee:

The workshop registration fee is EUR 500 for non-industry participants and EUR 1000 for industry participants, if the attendance lasts  longer than 5 days; otherwise EUR 100 per day for non-industry participants and EUR 200 per day for industry participants. 

Registration may be possible after the deadline, but must be done manually by the organizers and will incur an additional one-time fee of EUR 100.

Registration and Payment

Selected applicants  will be required  to confirm their workshop registration and to pay  the registration and accommodation fees before 28-Feb-2023.  After this date, the applicant  will lose the right  to attend the workshop and his/herr spot  will be re-allocated to the next person on the waiting list.  

Hotel rooms can only be booked through our registration process. We emphasize that attendees may not book directly with Hotel di Pini, nor may they stay at hotels other than di Pini while attending this workshop. No execptions will be granted.

Modifications and Cancellations:

All registration modifications and cancellations are possible free of charge until 19-Mar-2023.

Refund Policy:

After midnight (CET) 19-Mar-2023 there will be no refund for registration fees.  Accommodation costs will only be reimbursed if the hotel is able to find a replacement booking for your reservation. Refunds will only be transferred after the workshop has ended.


The organizers of the workshop and iniForum accept no liability of any kind, including 'Force Majeure', such as pandemic and related travel restrictions, cancellation of accommodation, cancellation of flights or other transports, volcanic eruptions, fire, floods, war, etc.