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Event: ccnw22 2022
Type: Discussion
Title: Neuromorphic engineering: where are we and how can we move towards AGI?
Description: Neuromorphic engineering field started about 3 decades ago with the goal to understand the organizing principles of the brain and implementing it. - Which organizing principles do we know today which have proven to have a technological advantage? - What is missing in the mainstream AI that these organizing principles can help solve? - What is currently missing to come up with a general framework to understand general intelligence and implement it? or how do we even define general intelligence? Join us to brainstorm about where we are in neuromorphic engineering today and discuss how can we get inspired from the brain to achieve the golden goal of general intelligence.
Moderators: Melika Payvand,
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212 May 06 2022, 16:00 May 06 2022, 17:00 Outside of the lobby
233 May 09 2022, 16:00 May 09 2022, 17:00 Outside of the lobby
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