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Event: ccnw22 2022
Type: Work Group
Title: Machine Learning for Neuromorphic hardware
Description: Several of us are bringing new Neuromorphic chips along to Capocaccia this year: - Xylo: a new digital SNN inference chip - Speck: a single-die event-based vision sensor plus spiking CNN processor These are integrated into open-source machine learning pipelines based on Python, PyTorch and others, for training and deploying applications down to hardware. We will give a few hands-on tutorials, and make the hardware available to play with at the workshop. Install the python packages below, and you can either simulate the hardware or deploy your own networks in Capocaccia. Requirements -------------- Install Rockpool and its requirements: ( Install Sinabs and its requirements: ( Install Tonic and its requirements: ( Install Samna and its requirements: (
Moderators: Gregor Lenz, Felix Bauer, Dylan Muir,
Schedule ID start time end time location
184 May 04 2022, 15:30 May 04 2022, 16:00 Panorama room above bar
215 May 06 2022, 16:00 May 06 2022, 17:00 Lecture hall
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