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Event: ccnw22 2022
Type: Work Group
Title: Fast and energy-efficient neuromorphic deep learning with spike times
Description: Deep Learning with spiking neural networks is a hot topic in general and specifically in the neuromorphic field. In this workshop we will work together on applying and extending an algorithm that allows exact error-backpropagation in networks of LIF neurons ( respectively As a starting point, we provide insights into the theoretical aspect as well as an image classification example on the BrainScaleS-2 system, but are interested in collaborating on different applications and with other neuromorphic platforms. Preparation: If you want to try out the code in simulation please clone the repository and follow the installation instructions in the README.
Moderators: Laura Kriener, Julian Goeltz,
Schedule ID start time end time location
174 May 04 2022, 14:30 May 04 2022, 15:00 Disco (Lab)
223 May 06 2022, 15:00 May 06 2022, 16:00 Disco
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