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Event: ccnw22 2022
Type: Recreation
Title: Scuba Diving
Description: Are you interested in doing some Scuba Diving? Paolo Micarelli from Diving Alghero can take up to 6 people around 17h (earlier if possible) on Saturday 7th May and can do training dives for beginners on Sunday 8th in the afternoon. €50 per dive, plus €20 for equipment. Please continue to use this link to say whether you are interested in Friday 17-19h, or on Sunday morning and/afternoon. Luca and Simon went diving on Friday 6th from 17-19h. Very nice dive - we saw lots of red coral, and two octopuses (octopi??). The problem was that coming back on the boat (about 20 minutes), it was freezing cold. I would recommend going when it is sunny and earlier in the day! Have fun!
Moderators: Simon Thorpe, Luca Peres,
Schedule ID start time end time location
200 May 08 2022, 09:00 May 08 2022, 12:00 Diving Alghero
201 May 08 2022, 14:00 May 08 2022, 17:00 Diving Alghero
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