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Event: ccnw23 2023
Type: Work Group
Title: Few short learning NeuroBench challenges
is_program_session: True

One of the proposed tasks in the new NeuroBench suite ( involves "Adaptive Learning of Keywords and Gestures".

In this workgroup we'll have a go at applying various existing approaches to this task (and, obviously, any amazing new ideas you come up with at Capocaccia)

Moderators: Kenneth Stewart, James Knight,
Schedule ID start time end time location
343 May 02 2023, 16:00 May 02 2023, 17:00 outside restaurant overlooking water
360 May 03 2023, 16:00 May 03 2023, 17:00 outside restaurant overlooking water
361 May 04 2023, 14:00 May 04 2023, 15:00 outside restaurant overlooking water
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