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Event: ccnw23 2023
Type: Discussion
Title: Computing with Dynamics: Why aren't we doing this in Hardware?
is_program_session: True

Together with the speakers of the morning session, we will continue discussing the approach of "computing with dynamics". We want to start a dialog with computational neuroscientists and engineers: why aren't we implementing theses systems in hardware? what are their limitations? what needs to be solved so that we can use the reliable? should we? 

Speaker: Valerio Mante, Dean Buonomano, Jean-jacques Slotine, Yulia Sandamirskaya,
Moderators: Saray Soldado-magraner,
Schedule ID start time end time location
381 May 05 2023, 21:30 May 05 2023, 22:30 Sala Panorama
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