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Event: ccnw23 2023
Type: Work Group
Title: Using Lu.i Dynamics for CartPole Stabilization

This workgroup is now CLOSED!

  1. We aim to design an LQR controller for the linearized CartPole about its unstable equilibrium. This is very standard fro linear control systems.
  2. Next we want to map the feedback coefficients to an Lu.i neuron.
  3. Bringing the LIF neuron close to its linearity limits, we simulate and then use the LU.i board to control the cartpole.


  1. We have achieved stabilization on simulation
  2. We have also achieved some degree of control with the Lu.i board but figured out that the analog board has it's own share of problems. The output is not robust to repeated trials and also gets changed when the board gets gets heated up due to prolonged use.
  3. Overall we believe that the proof of concept has been laid to some extent.
Speaker: Luna Gava, Shreyan Banerjee, Felix Johannes Schmitt,
Moderators: Shreyan Banerjee,
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