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Event: ccnw23 2023
Type: Tutorial
Title: Neural Fireworks with NEST! A hands-on tutorial
is_program_session: True

Simulating spiking neural networks is easy and fast with NEST Simulator.

We will look at NEST Desktop, a GUI that runs in the browser and allows you to create a network by point-and-click.

Then we will show how you can build and simulate an excitation/inhibition balanced network using just a few lines of Python code.

We will extend NEST by creating our own custom neuron models and synaptic plasticity rules using NESTML.

Speaker: Agnes Korcsak-gorzo, Charl Linssen,
Schedule ID start time end time location
395 May 10 2023, 21:00 May 10 2023, 22:00 Sala Panorama
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