Practical PyTorch for event-based computing

This session consists of two parts: a whirlwind introduction to PyTorch and its use in neuromorphics.

The first part (20 minutes) will explain the fundamentals of PyTorch by

  • How PyTorch works with tensors and network layers

  • How PyTorch propagates gradients

  • How PyTorch can optimize networks

The second part (30 minutes) will explain how we can use PyTorch in neuromorphics by

  • Introducing spiking simulations via the PyTorch extension Norse (

  • Connecting to event cameras with AEStream (

  • Real-time edge detection of event data with an SNN

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Day Time Location
Mon, 08.05.2023 21:00 - 22:00 Lecture room


Jens Egholm Pedersen
Christian Pehle


Steve Durstewitz