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Event: ccnw24 2024
Type: Discussion
Title: Commercializing Neuromorphic-X
is_program_session: True

This is a 'fession session' open discussion - whose aim is share experience with the workshop.

No presentations, no company pitches. Just the lessons learned, for good and/or for bad.

Exact company affiiliations may (for reasons of NDAs) need to remain anonymous - this is a discussant's choice. 

Speaker: Josep Maria Margarit-taulé, Andre van Schaik, Rodney Douglas, Giacomo Indiveri, Christoph von der Malsburg, Jens Struckmeier, Michael Hopkins, Paul Verschure, Timothy Gardner, Kynan Eng, Jim Lewis, Tobi Delbruck,
Moderators: Florian Engert,
Schedule ID start time end time location
416 May 04 2024, 09:00 May 04 2024, 12:30 Lecture Room
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