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Event: ccnw24 2024
Type: Work Group
Title: Neuromorphic Continual Learning

Continually Learning Prototypes (CLP) is an algorithm developed for Loihi 2 to address online learning of novel patterns in an incremental fashion without forgetting. In this meeting I will give a quick intro to the algorithm and the three applications we are investigating during this workshop:

  • Continual learning of odors (direct sensor-Loihi interface)
  • Continual learning of DVS gestures (generalization to unseen datasets)
  • Continual learning of places from a wheeled robot's DVS camera



Speaker: Muhammad Aitsam, Ton Juny pina, Elvin Hajizada, Jan Finkbeiner,
Moderators: Elvin Hajizada,
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446 May 01 2024, 17:00 May 01 2024, 18:00 Arcade
469 May 06 2024, 17:00 May 06 2024, 18:00 Arcade
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