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Event: ccnw24 2024
Type: Work Group
Title: Fun and games with Lu.i

Lu.i is an electronic neuron circuit mimicking and illustrating the basic dynamics of real, biological neurons. The printed circuit board features a configurable, fully analog implementation of the leaky integrate-and-fire model and visualizes the internal state, the membrane potential, through a VU-meter-style chain of LEDs. The neuron emits a short pulse whenever the membrane potential crosses a predefined threshold voltage. Neurons communicate by exchanging these spikes. Multiple boards can be connected via jumper wires to form networks.

We brought >100 neurons, you have two weeks – be creative (and integrate your sensors!).

More info can be found in the preprint arXiv:2404.16664 and on github.

Moderators: Sebastian Billaudelle, Julian Goeltz, Yannik Stradmann,
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