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Event: ccnw24 2024
Type: Tutorial
Title: Hands-On Demo : Creating and deploying a new neuron model (ALIF) on SpiNNaker2

Many people have expressed interest in creating and deploying their own custom applications to spinnaker2.

In this short hands-on tutorial, I will introduce the chip and its software through a concrete example : how to implement a new neuron model and deploy it on the chip. We will be creating a simple Adaptative threshold variation of the LIF neuron (ALIF), and running it on chip. 

This will hopefully be a good introduction into what it takes to create custom applications for spinnaker, as well, as a concrete overview of the software and hardware of Spinnaker2.


Speaker: Gabriel Béna,
Moderators: Mahmoud Akl,
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455 May 03 2024, 14:30 May 03 2024, 15:30 Arcate Room
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