SPIXER - Spiking Path Integration Central Complex with Event on a Rover

Workgroup created during the week with the idea of embedding an SNN based on the Central Complex of insects for a Path Integration task. The goal is to utilize a car-like robot equipped with an event-based camera mounted on top to estimate linear and angular velocity. Subsequently, these estimates will serve as input states in a CX model based on the papers (1,2,3), with a Raspberry Pi 4 being the sole chip utilized for now.

The tasks include:

  1. Implementing the DAVIS346 camera on the car-like robot and publishing event data, as well as GPS data, on ROS topics.

  2. Estimating the robot's states using event data (preferably) or IMU 6DoF.

  3. Implementing a state-of-the-art SNN CX to achieve a desired heading (and distance) (Stone,2017;Schreiber,2021).

  4. Adapting the control law for the robot for homing tasks.

This workgroup progresses along the water's course. This is simply to outline the current work and gather some ideas.


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No timetable published yet.


Gabriel Gattaux
Thomas Misiek


Gabriel Gattaux