Control with mixed-feedback excitable neural systems: exploiting the biophysics of spiking neurons

One of the main obstacles in the development of analog neuromorphic hardware has proven
to be their increased fragility to noise and fabrication mismatch. Biological systems, however, address similar limitations with amazing effectiveness and efficiency through
their unique multiscale, mixed-feedback organizational principles. Rodolphe will introduce his ongoing efforts to develop a control theory of spiking systems, which capitalises on the mixed-feedback organization of excitable neurons, consisting of interlocked positive and negative feedback loops acting in distinct time scales. By combining the expertise of control, electronics and neuromorphic experts, these control approaches can provide efficient solutions to emerging large-scale challenges.

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Day Time Location
Mon, 08.05.2023 14:00 - 15:00 Sala Panorama


Saray Soldado-Magraner