The CapoCaccia Workshops toward Neuromorphic Intelligence

Provisional (27dec23) Workshop Program ccnw24

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The morning discussions are centered around a topic of the day, in context the workshop goal of identifying promising and novel directions to build “more intelligent” neuromorphic systems. These are discussion sessions, not lectures. We call for active participation and brainstorming by all members of the workshop. These discussions are led by invited guests in the program who will provide some background and teasers to stimulate creative discussion by the audience. We hope to be able to answer the following questions together with the audience in a relaxed and open setting where everyone can share their opinion about the topic of the day: What is the core knowledge that we can extract from this topic? How can we make use of this knowledge and implement it in hardware? How much biological detail is necessary to include?

Please remember that all discussants (leaders or participants) may use only the flip-charts or the electronic whiteboard provided for presenting their material. Formal presentations of the 'PowerPoint' type are not permitted. Please dont even ask...

Daily Routine:

Event ccnw24: Static Workshop Program

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