Accelerated analog computation with BrainScaleS-2

We bring along multiple BrainScales-2 systems and invite everyone to try some of our demos or implement their own neuromorphic experiments.

The most recent generation of BrainScaleS-2 ASICs features 512 analog multi-compartment neuron circuits with 256 plastic synapses each.
The analog circuits are tightly coupled to on-chip digital event routing and SIMD processors that can be used for learning algorithms, virtual environment simulations or experiment control.

Experiments can be developed using PyNN or a pytorch extension either on a locally provided jupyter notebook server or an installation on your personal computer.

Slack: #brainscales

JupyterHub with demos and tutorials (hotel/ccnw wifi)

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Day Time Location
Mon, 29.04.2024 16:30 - 17:00 Disco


Sebastian Billaudelle
Yannik Stradmann


Ameli Kalkhouran Sara