Brain development and self-construction technology

The physical implementation of today's technologies (very much including neuromorphic electronics) depends almost entirely on external (to the instantiated object) factories. By contrast, biological systems construct, repair, and evolve, themselves.

This discussion will consider issues such as:

  • Self-construction vs self-assembly etc.

  • Comparison of external factory  vs self-constructing systems 

  • Could self-construction be relevant to future neuromorphic technologies?

  • CNS development as an example of self-constructing computing systems.

  • What can we learn from biology about self-constructing systems?

  • Constructive (vs reductive) connectomics

  • etc


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Day Time Location
Wed, 08.05.2024 09:00 - 12:30 Lecture Room


Florian Engert


Andreas Andreou
Roman Bauer
Santiago Díaz Romero
Rodney Douglas
Timothy Gardner
Marzieh Hassanshahi varposhti
Stan Kerstjens
Burcu Küçükoğlu
Eleni Nisioti
Melika Payvand
Alexandru Vasilache