Logistics (Giacomo, Committe, Organizers)
History (Rodney, Tobi, Andre, Giacomo)

Map of Interests (all):
1. [BBICS] Building Brain-Inspired Computing Systems (22%)
2. [UNCBB] Understanding Natural Computation by Building (21%)
3. [GBARS] Generating behavior in autonomous robotic systems (18%)
4. [R&IPS] Representations and Information in Physical Substrates (14%)
5. [DNP&A] Develop new Products and Applications (13%)
6. [DSCCS] Developmental Self-Constructing Computing Systems (12%)
(see pie chart at https://cloud.capocaccia.cc/s/5Mp3ixjf7XSzCGr )

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Day Time Location
Mon, 29.04.2024 09:00 - 10:30 Lecture Room


Florian Engert


Santiago Díaz Romero
Marzieh Hassanshahi varposhti
Giacomo Indiveri